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Store the id numbers of the courses that will replace existing courses in a recurring program so that the system can know which course will be used when the current course ends


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id bigserial 19 nextval('app_prog_recurrence_id_seq'::regclass)
programid int8 19 0 Defined in XMLR
currentcourseid int8 19 0 Defined in XMLR
nextcourseid int8 19 0 Defined in XMLR


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
app_progrecu_id_pk Primary key Asc id
app_progrecu_cur2_ix Performance Asc currentcourseid
app_progrecu_cur_ix Performance Asc currentcourseid
app_progrecu_nex2_ix Performance Asc nextcourseid
app_progrecu_nex_ix Performance Asc nextcourseid
app_progrecu_pro2_ix Performance Asc programid
app_progrecu_pro_ix Performance Asc programid